For all those LJS fans who want a unique webpage adoptee....

May I present the Night World Angels--guardians of soulmates, your favorite books, and your online homes. Below are samples of each. All are characters from the Night World series--and right now, all are of female characters. Run your mouse cursor over each angel to see who she is (if the looks don't give you guesses in some cases :-)

((NOTE - these are not the actual angels you will use on your page! When you sign up to adopt, I will tell you where to locate the actual angel--minus the word "sample" over her feet.))

Poppy North Angel Mary-Lynnette Carter Angel Rowan Redfern Angel Kestrel Redfern Angel Jade Redfern Angel

Thea Harman Angel Blaise Harman Angel Gillian Lennox Angel Rashel Jordan Angel Hannah Snow Angel Maya Angel

Jez Redfern Angel 1 Jez Redfern Angel 2 Maggie Neely Angel Witch Maiden Aradia Angel Sylvia Weald Angel

Iliana Harman Angel Raksha Keller Angel Winnie Arlin Angel Nissa Johnson Angel

Night World Angels Adoption Form

your name:
email address: (i.e.:
your webpage url:
webpage name:
which angel(s) would you like to adopt? (Limit of 3!):
url where your angel(s) will be staying (if not the main page): Stunning, fast, FREE!

If your browser doesn't support forms and/or the form gives you grief trying to send, please email ALL the above info to Note - incomplete applications (especially if I don't get your homepage url) will NOT be granted!

After you've filled out the form and before you send, please take one of these linkback graphics and display it with your angel(s). Link back to The url is on both graphics in case you forget. :-)

Linkback graphic 1 Linkback graphic 2

((An extra special thank you to Blaisie for assisting me in beta testing every version of the adoption form!))

Copyright note - The Night World Angels and its concept (the adoption page) are copyrighted by ME. I made each and every one of 'em in the Palace chat--and they took a lot of patience, hard work, trading/asking/pleading/begging for props/parts and a lot of free time. Don't try to claim credit for them, cause a) that's not very nice and b) I'll get REALLY mad and you don't want to see that. If you are interested in making dolls like these, the Palace chat software is free and a lot of fun. You can find it here. The name of "Night World Angel(s)" was inspired by my friend Poppy, leader of Saviours of Darkness, who I once saw use it as a chat handle. So I dedicate this page to her, for IMHO, she is a true angel in the online LJS/Night World community. :-) Love ya, Poppy-boo.

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